How to Best Wash Your Fibershirt

How to Best Wash Your Fibershirt

It's important to know what you're doing when it comes to washing your Fibershirts. Fibershirts are generally white, and you naturally want to keep them that way. In this article, we'll provide you with practical laundry tips for your fibershirt to ensure you enjoy it for a long time.

Here we go:

Take Washing Instructions Seriously

That label with washing instructions isn't sewn into your shirt just for decoration. You might not be sure what the icons on that label are trying to tell you. That's okay. That's why we'll give you a few examples of icons that are likely on the label of your shirt:

  • This garment can be washed at a maximum of 60 degrees on a regular wash cycle.

  • Do NOT bleach this garment.

  • Do NOT tumble dry this garment.

Sometimes you don't have a lot of clothing to wash. The temptation can be strong to just throw everything together in the washing machine. This might not matter so much for dark clothing, but it does matter for white clothing. Sooner or later, white clothing washed with dark items can develop an unsightly grayish hue.

Use the Right Amount of Detergent

The packaging of your detergent will always indicate the correct dosage. Read it carefully and stick to it. Using too little or too much detergent can result in less effective cleaning.

An anti-bacterial detergent can help you kill sweat bacteria that sometimes survive on lower washing temperatures. Have a look at our special Fibershirt laundry tablets here.

Washing Fibershirts

Stains on Your White Fibershirt

Stains can happen easily but are sometimes very challenging to remove. This can be particularly frustrating when it comes to white clothing. Often, it results in an otherwise fine shirt being relegated to the bottom of the pile and no longer worn. That's why we've gathered some stain-removal tips for you.

Take Immediate Action

If you stain a white shirt, turn it inside out and rinse the stain from the back as soon as possible with cold water. However, for oil-based stains like lipstick, mascara, or greasy food, it's better to blot the stain with paper towels.

Avoid Using Chlorine Bleach

It might seem logical to bleach a white shirt with a stain using chlorine bleach. However, that's not a great idea. In many cases, chlorine bleach leaves a yellowish tint on white clothing. Additionally, it can damage the fabric, diminishing its quality.

Add Baking Soda to Your Detergent

Let baking soda act as a detergent booster. Add a few tablespoons of baking soda to your detergent in the dispenser. Most stains will disappear in the wash.

Use Stain Removers

There are many products available that you can use to treat stains locally before washing the clothing. Read the instructions carefully and treat the stain shortly before putting the garment in the wash. If you're not going to wash it immediately, let the garment soak in a bucket of water to prevent the stain from setting.

Help! My White Fibershirt is No Longer White

It can be frustrating when your favorite white shirt loses its bright white color and develops a yellowish, grayish, or off-white tint. This can happen to all of us.

The cause can be that you mixed everything in the wash or that a stray black sock ended up with the white laundry. But sometimes, you just don't know why it happened.

Actually, it doesn't matter how it happened. What's more important is the question: How do you get your shirt back to looking brilliantly white?

Give White a Boost

Four tips to get your white Fibershirt back to its pristine white:

  • Add a cup of baking soda or bicarbonate of soda to your white laundry. You can also use baking powder, depending on what you have at hand.
  • Dissolve aspirin in hot water in a bucket and let your shirt soak overnight. Then wash it as usual, but make sure not to mix it with colored clothing.
  • Create a mixture of half a cup of baking soda or bicarbonate of soda, a few tablespoons of salt, half a bottle of white vinegar, and a tube of toothpaste. Soak your white shirt in this solution for a few hours, then rinse it with cold water. Wash it immediately as usual.
  • Slice a lemon into pieces and boil it in a large pot of water with some salt. Once the lemon has been boiled well, turn off the heat. Let the water cool to between 40 and 60 degrees, then soak your shirt in it.


If you have a white Fibershirt with a stubborn stain or it's no longer brilliantly white, and you've tried all the tips we've provided without success, it might be time for a new Fibershirt, or two. Be kind to yourself and enjoy the comfort of a fresh Fibershirt that keeps you stain-free. Oh, and watch out for spills!

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